Rockstar Mom Sisterhood’s Nashville Fun With Babies Series: Cheekwood Estate & Gardens

Rockstar Mom Sisterhood’s Nashville Fun With Babies Series: Cheekwood Estate & Gardens

Anyone who knows me knows that my soul craves adventure, which is of course why I travel as much as I do, but sometimes you can find adventure in your own backyard – especially when you live in the Nashville area. That’s where the Rockstar Mom Sisterhood’s Nashville Fun with Babies Series comes in. There is plenty of fun to be had for everyone in the family if you know where to look!

Culture, Beauty and History – Oh My!

When people think about Nashville, their minds automatically drift to whiskey, honky tonks and country music, but locals will tell you that we are so much more than that. As a matter of fact, outside of attending the occasional country music show, I typically avoid all things relating to the stereotype society has built us up to be.

What a lot of people don’t know is that our beautiful sprawling city is full of culture, art, history and breathtaking landscapes. Cheekwood Estate & Gardens encompasses all of that in one perfectly crafted package that is geared towards parents and littles alike. Of course, as an annual member, I may be a bit biased, but my son’s love for people watching at the very young age of 5 months old is what prompted me to get a membership. We have such a fun time whenever we go!

Calendar-Packed Events

I am always looking for something fun and educational to do with my little guy that is also entertaining for my husband and myself. One of my favorite things about Cheekwood Estate & Gardens is that not only do we get this, but no two days there are ever the same. Each of the seasons brings something new to the property and, honestly, it feels like there is something new to learn around every corner. The photo taking opportunities are ridiculous as well and I’m legitimately a picture taking fiend! Haha!

In the Spring you can experience the gardens in full bloom with countless varieties of gorgeous flowers. Summertime is a fabulous time to take a nighttime walk through the property and Fall brings the Cheekwood Harvest to life. In fact, Fall may be one of the best times to visit, in my opinion. I am a huge fan of their unique scarecrows and pumpkin houses (yes – they are houses made of pumpkins!) and who could forget their beer (and cocktail) garden for the moms and dads?

And Cheekwood wouldn’t be Cheekwood without its annual Holiday Lights. Bundle the kiddos up and grab a hot chocolate to keep those hands warm for your walk through over a mile of sparkling festive lights adorning the estate. We have been counting down the days until the Lights’ 2019 debut!

Education Meets Fun

Going right back to education, this is something I am big on – and you can never start too early! I truly think it is so important to expose our children to learning from the very beginning o their lives. I mean, I’ve been reading to my son since he was about a month old and the smile that comes across his face during our nightly bedtime story is heart melting. What they are used to is what they will know!

Cheekwood is a perfect puzzle piece in the task of introducing your little one to art, history and culture. Throughout the year, there are so many different activities within each of the seasons – from celebrations of different cultures and their customs (like Japanese storytelling and the Mexican Dia De Los Muertos) to the more traditional American activities like Visits with Santa and Gingerbread Decorating during the Christmas season.

You will find a ton of history up at Cheekwood Mansion, which also provides a nice little reprieve from the cold when you’re visiting during the Lights. Here you can see the mansion and the original art and furniture in all their glory. And that beautiful architecture!!!

Art for All Ages

There is even a rotation of art exhibits in the mansion throughout the year that will appeal to Mom and Dad. If we expect our children to appreciate art, we have to practice what we preach! 2020 is bringing a Chihuly exhibit to the gardens, which should be very interesting. We saw this at The Biltmore in North Carolina a couple of years ago and it was gorgeous!

Cheekwood Rating: A for Awesome

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a beautiful day out – or better yet, quite a few beautiful days out throughout the year, I highly recommend grabbing an annual membership at Cheekwood Estate and Gardens. It pays for itself in less than two visits and how can you go wrong with education, culture and a beer garden?!

Simple Answer: Ummm, you can’t.

For more information, check out www.cheekwood.org

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