The Sisterhood

What is the Sisterhood About?

The Rockstar Mom Sisterhood was founded for every mom who knows that just because you have children doesn’t mean that you are relegated to a life of sitting in the house longing for the days of travel and fun.

The Rockstar Mom knows that her littles are her new adventure buddies. She knows that she can provide them (as well as her husband and herself) with a life full of rich experiences together.

She knows that while no one is perfect, she is superwoman and is the matriarch of a family full of the most important thing in the world – LOVE.

Mom and Son Rolling Stones

The Rockstar Mom Sisterhood is also for the moms who long for this life. It’s for the moms who want a life of adventure, but don’t know where to start.

And most of all, The Rockstar Mom Sisterhood is a worldwide community where we, as moms, can connect…where we can share our stories, our wins and our losses, our victories and our inquiries.

It’s a sisterhood for women like you and me – women who are not perfect, but love with all of their heart and adore the families that they have built.