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Meet Apryl

The Rockstar Mom Sisterhood is a blog for all Moms who truly believe that life doesn’t stop just because you’ve become a parent. As a matter of fact, the way I see it – I gained a new adventure buddy when I had my beautiful son! 

Who am I?

apryl evans

I am Apryl Evans – a new mom in my thirties. Starting my family in my thirties rather than in my twenties was (mostly) intentional.

I spent my 20’s finding out “who I was” and chasing dreams, as well as making sure that I’d found “Mister Right” before making the commitment of raising children.

Having a music and modeling career was something so many people told me was out of the scope of reality, but something that I truly desired and wanted to pursue. So I spent my third decade of life proving them wrong. 

I was the 2012 Rat Rock Girl for 95.9 WRAT in Belmar, New Jersey – one of the greatest radio stations in the world, in my opinion! In this role, I was on the radio waves every week, interviewed some of my favorite rockstars, including Chris Daughtry of Daughtry, Shinedown, Three Days Grace and Cavo, and I got to host my own weekly Rat Rock News series, into which I injected my own brand of dark humor and sarcasm. To say that it was a whirlwind of a year would be an understatement! 

In that same year, I was also “Miss February” in The 7 Line’s NY Mets themed calendar and I started traveling to Nashville to record my very first country music record. I am not one to do things small, so I decided that the one and only Blackbird Studio, owned by John and Martina McBride, would be the best place to give birth to this project.

I then went on to play to packed crowds at shows with country music stars like Frankie Ballard, Parmalee, Jana Kramer and Craig Campbell, was a Top Three finalist in Nash FM’s Battle of the Country Bands and have been nominated for various awards. 

apryl evans iplay america

So how does someone with such a whirlwind life make the transition from Rockstar to Rockstar Mama? Easily. 

You don’t have to change who you are to become a Mom or a Dad. I mean, sure if you are out there getting drunk every night and running laps with Lucifer himself, you might want to re-evaluate your priorities. But for the rest of us, all we need are a few adjustments.

After all, we love a life of adventure so wouldn’t you imagine our apples won’t fall too far from our trees?